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Essential tools to turn your oven into a pizza oven

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What is the Equipment Fee?
The Equipment fee is a one-time fee that covers the necessary tools to make restaurant quality pizza at home.

Do I have to be a subscriber?
Yes, PIY is a subscription service, however if you want to purchase as a gift or a fixed time set, there are options in our “Gift” page, under “Buy Now”.

Do I really need a Pizza Steel to bake on?
Yes, a pizza steel will convert your trusty oven into a professional pizza making machine! What makes steel so different is that it stores more heat energy and transfers the heat more rapidly to give oven spring and crispiness to the dough.

Do I really need a Pizza Peel?
Yes, a pizza peel is a big wood paddle, that is essentially a very large spatula to place a pizza in the oven. Since you are making real pizza you will need to place the pizza in the oven and remove the pizza from the oven.

I already have a pizza peel can I use that?
Possibly. The pizza peel we sell is specifically designed for the size of the pizza we make which is a 15 inch round pizza. If you have a pizza peel but the surface area is smaller than 14 inches round you will need to buy a bigger pizza peel. If you have a large enough pizza peel BUT it is NOT made of metal or wood, such as a composite material (ex. Epicurean wood fiber products – only rated to 350 degrees), you will need to buy a metal or wood pizza peel. If you are unsure please buy our peel to be safe. If you would like to use your peel instead you can email us with the material and dimensions to confirm it works

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Specialty Pizza (most popular)

Meats, cheeses, vegetables, and the occasional seafood

2 Cheese Pizza

Get two cheese pizzas and add your own toppings!

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Our pizza delivery fits the demands of your busy lifestyle

Order by Monday Night for delivery on Thursday. We deliver to your doorstep on Thursday (between 2pm and 9pm) free of charge.

Won’t be home? You can leave a cooler by the door and we will leave your food with our ice packs.

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Delivery Information

We deliver locally for free in Ridgefield

If we don’t deliver to you. Ask us! We plan to expand our delivery area very soon, so stay tuned!