Jesse Lee – Pizza Kit – Gluten-free


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Ingredients for a 15 inch cheese pizza including gluten-free dough, organic pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese.  Easy video and graphic instructions will be provided on how to make a pizza.

Pickup at Jesse Lee’s Morning drop-off, Wednesday, May 12th, from 8am-9am. Please order by May 9th.

  • $13.99 1 gluten-free pizza: serves 2-3 people
  • $27.99 – 2 gluten-free pizzas: serves 4-5 people

Add $79.99 ($100 value) Pizza Steel and Peel – Highly recommended! (Full 100 day money back guarantee)

  • Want to make pizza that tastes identical to a real pizzeria, you can! With a 1/4 inch thick pizza steel (baking surface) and a pizza peel (wooden paddle thing).  You bake your pizza at your oven’s highest bake temperature which is usually around 500 degrees, and in 12 minutes you get that elusive crispy crust and chewy middle. Did I mention it makes your house smell so good your kids will actually turn off their video games!
    • The pizza steel (baking surface) transfers heat rapidly to replicate actual gas fired pizzeria ovens
    • The wooden pizza peel is used to get the pizza in and out of the oven.
  • Taste the difference! If the Steel and Peel do not transform your pizza into masterpieces it comes with a full 100 day Money Back Guarantee!

$93.99 – 1 pizza with Steel and Peel (19% off):  serves 2-3 people

$107.99 – 2 pizzas with Steel and Peel (20% off): serves 4-5 people


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For Classic Pizza click here

What you receive in your order:

15 inch Gluten-free pizza: (serves 2-3)

  • Ingredients for cheese pizza
    • Organic tomato pizza sauce and organic spices
    • Premium shredded mozzarella (Milk, Starter, Salt)
    • 48 hour cold fermented Gluten-free dough, handcrafted in small batches. When dough is aged 2-5 days it adds a lot of flavor! We are geeky like that.

Disclaimer: We are not a gluten-free facility and cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur. INGREDIENTS: Gluten Free Wheat Starch*, Dextrose, Cornstarch, Buckwheat, Rice Starch, Vegetable Fibers, Guar Gum. May contain traces of milk (*meets FDA requirements for Gluten-free food)

If you decide on the Pizza Steel and Peel: (you know you want to)

  • 1/4 inch Pizza Steel – Replace the 1990’s pizza stone and use the latest and improved method for achieving the elusive crispy pizza crust. The 10x thermal properties of a Pizza Steel bake your pizza in 12 minutes and replicates an authentic pizza from your local gas fired pizzeria!
  • Pizza Peel – You know that big wood paddle that pizzerias use to take pizzas in and out of the oven… yes, you are making real pizza and you will need one. Don’t worry they are really easy to use with our special techniques.
  • Online support (text or call anytime) along with video and written tutorials.

What we promise:

  • Being the fastest home meal kit that the whole family enjoys
  • Peel and Steel come with a 100 day full money back guarantee
  • Price Guarantee for Peel and Steel : If you find a similar peel and steel for a lesser price we will refund the difference (Prices must include shipping).

What is PIY?
Love pizza? Pizza is best enjoyed fresh from the oven… period. With PIY, you’ll have the freshest pizza and save time by making one meal in 12 minutes that satisfies the whole family!

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Boring Details: (to be read fast) Pizza ingredients are freshly prepared and good for 6 days after delivery. If not consumed in 6 days, the ingredients can be frozen, for best results use freshly prepared.