1 Cheese + 1 Specialty Pizza

From: $29.99 / month and a $79.99 sign-up fee

$79.99 One Time Equipment Fee Includes: Everything you need for your micropizzeria. Make authentic pizza at home!

  • 1/4 inch thick Pizza Steel
  • Wooden Pizza Peel
  • Video and written tutorials

$29.99 Subscription Fee Includes:

  • 2 Pizzas (serves 6):
    • Premium ingredients for 1 cheese pizza (serves 2-3)
    • Recipe and ingredients for 1 specialty pizza (serves 2-3) that changes every week

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What you receive in your order:

One Time $79.99 Equipment Fee Includes: Everything you need in your home to make a restaurant quality pizza, including:

  • 1/4 inch Pizza Steel – Replace your 1990’s cookware (pizza stone) and use the latest and improved method for achieving the elusive crispy pizza crust. The thermal properties of a Pizza Steel bake your pizza in 7 minutes and replicates an authentic pizza from an oven that would cost $1000s.
  • Wooden Pizza Peel – You know that big wood paddle that pizzerias use to take pizzas in and out of the oven… yes, you are making real pizza and you will need one. Don’t worry they are really easy to use with our special techniques.
  • Online support along with video and written tutorials.

$29.99 Subscription Fee Includes:

  • Two pizzas: 15 inch (serves 4-6)
    • Ingredients for 1 cheese pizza (serves 2-3)
      • Organic tomato pizza sauce with our organic spices
      • Premium shredded mozzarella
      • Cold fermented dough made of unbleached and unbromated flour, handcrafted in small batches
    • Ingredients for 1 specialty pizza (serves 2-3) that changes every week


Delivery is free, but we’re currently only offering local delivery in Ridgefield Connecticut.

Order by Monday at midnight for delivery on Thursday. Pizza ingredients are freshly prepared and good for 6 days after delivery. If not consumed in that time it can be frozen (best results are freshly prepared though).

Subsequent orders are delivered per your subscription frequency.

Pause or cancel anytime prior to delivery.

What we promise:

  • All of our ingredients are handcrafted in small batches
  • Exceptional recipes and discovering new favorite pizzas
  • Your family will thank you for being such a great cook!
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your first order let us know within 14 days for a full money back guarantee