How it works

Original Recipes Weekly

You get 2 pizzas that will feed 6 people. One pizza is a cheese that you can customize at home and the other is a specialty pizza that changes every week based on preferences

Organic and Fresh Ingredients

We focus on organic, farm-to-pizza, and premium ingredients. We pre-measure your ingredients to use exact amounts with no waste.

Convenient Delivery

Weekly delivery to the door step. We use insulated bags to keep your food fresh.


What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“Before I came across PIY, I would never have thought I could make a pizza from scratch…let alone one that could be called gourmet. Let me tell you, though, once I got my steel & peel there was no turning back. I LOVE PIY (forgive the shouting, can’t help it 🙂 ). The ingredients are fresh, the recipes creative, and the assembly is super simple. As an unexpected bonus, it’s really fun for kids. My two-year old looks forward to Friday night pizza night. She’ll shape the dough, spread the sauce, the cheese, etc…it’s so cute. And delicious! PIY – you’re missing out if you’re not in!”

Kim S.
Wilton, CT

“Truly delicious gourmet pizza – never imagined I could make it at home! We love that the ingredients (which are super high quality) are all ready to go and delivered to our doorstep. We look forward to finding out what the toppings for that week will be and to watching the easy to follow video instructions. PIY has transformed our Friday pizza nights from mediocre delivery to an extraordinary family affair!”

Kerri U.
Ridgefield, CT

“Love this concept. I have been making homemade pizza almost every Friday night without fail for 4 years. It’s a tradition my family looks forward to. I could never get s crispy crust without burning the top. Enter piy who teaches their full proof system and my pizza has never been better. My kids look forward to the cheese pizza weekly and my husband and I get to try gourmet inventive recipes every week, it has definitely elevated the pizza experience and our pizza has never been so good. Love the perfectly measured out and prepped ingredients. It makes the pizza making experience, easy and fun for the whole family.”

Shannon C.
Ridgefield, CT