The Makings of PIY:

Using the right ingredients, the best pizza always comes fresh out of the oven. As a “party of 6”, we found it more difficult to travel any distance for the pizza we used to enjoy in NYC. ¬†Upon discovering baking on a pizza steel, Ed started making pizza recipes from when he worked in a pizzeria. We wanted to spend more time as a family so we created a system that even our 8 year old can do. Now we have fun together making that “special” pizza right in our own home where our whole family can lend a hand!

– Grace Winstanley, Co-Founder

Pizza is Happiness

As a family we are concerned about what our kids eat and since pizza brings us so much joy we wanted to make the best “clean” version of pizza with non-gmo, fresh, organic and local farm ingredients.

The Best Ingredients make the Best Pizzas
NO MSG, NO meat fillers, NO transfats, NO cellulose, NO dough conditioners… No kidding, these things should never be in there. Here is also what we do different:

Pizza Recipes
Pizzas Made
Types of Cheeses