Best Homemade Pizza on the Planet

Turn your kitchen into a micropizzeria

You are making real pizza and will need a pizza steel (yes we said steel!) and a pizza peel

Clean Ingredients

Organic tomatoes, non-GMO flour, and farm-to-pizza (seasonal) ingredients

Convenient Delivery

Bi-weekly, or monthly delivery to your door step

Faster than Takeout

Dinner in under 15 minutes, smiling faces and memories that last forever

  • The Best Pizza is a Fresh Pizza

    Our pizzas are right out of your oven so you will never eat a cold or lukewarm pizza again

  • Clean Ingredients

    Green market, organic, and seasonal
    farm-fresh toppings. Meat with no MSG or added hormones

Learn How to Make Pizza Like a Pro… aka Pizzaiolo

Tired of making pizzas that resemble Midwest states?

We will teach you how to evenly stretch round pizzas every time

  • Burrata
    Burrata cheese, local organic tomatoes, basil, and locally raised pork sausage
  • Fig and Pig
    Fig, prosciutto, sauteed onions and peppers, goat cheese, and arugula in a white balsamic dressing

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“I LOVE PIY (forgive the shouting, can’t help it). The ingredients are fresh, the recipes creative, and the assembly is super simple”

– Kim
Wilton, CT

“PIY has transformed our Friday pizza nights from mediocre delivery to an extraordinary family affair!”

– Kerri
Ridgefield, CT

“PIY has definitely elevated the pizza experience and our pizza has never been so good.”

– Shannon
Ridgefield, CT